Summer Lovin Class

Thank you for purchasing the Queen & Co Summer Lovin' Class! We are excited to craft 6 amazing cards with you on May 4th.  While your purchase is on its way to you, we would like to share some important information regarding your class kit.

Please review the information below carefully BEFORE YOU OPEN YOUR KIT.


Summer Lovin Class Kit Contents

Please review the following instructions carefully before opening your kit. If you are new to making Queen & Co shakers, we recommend waiting to assemble your kit until our video instructions are live.

Your class kit should contain the following:
7 pre-printed and pre cut creative sheets
7 foam shakers 
7 acetate covers
1 sheet epoxy dots
1 bag of mixed toppings

If you are missing any item listed above from your kit, please contact us.

*Some pieces from the creative sheets may come detached while unpacking, that is normal. We have included several "extras" in your creative sheet so you will have more pieces than you need. 


Summer Lovin Homework

If you would like to prepare your kit in advance for class, please review our suggestions below. Ginger will walk through each step during class, so you do not need to work ahead unless you prefer to. If you choose to work ahead, please review the suggestions carefully.

* Prepare ahead of the class 6, A2-sized (5 1/2" x 4 1/4" ) card bases in your preferred colors. We suggest white, but other colors can be used.

* We suggest having at least two types of adhesives handy. Either a tape runner or strong liquid glue for cardstock pieces, (A fine tipped glue would be best for some of the smaller pieces) and double-sided foam tape to pop up some elements (optional). 

* You should not need scissors to cut out any of the pieces away from the creative sheets, but you may find it handy to keep a pair close by to cut apart foam tape or to remove any 'chads' that might remain after popping out card pieces. 

* If you find an element not releasing from the creative sheet easily, gently rock it back and forth until it releases from the sheet. This is especially true for the ruled edge pieces. Go slow to ensure you do not tear any pieces. 

* Having a way to sort your card pieces would be helpful, we suggest 7 sandwich-sized bags. 1 for each card and one for the extra pieces. 

*Orangize pieces by card. Use our graphic below to determine which pieces go with which card. Prepare a bag with pieces that correspond to each card. Use a 7th bag to sort your extra pieces. 

*We suggest having  sticky notes handy. Sticking these to clear acetate pieces helps keep them from becoming lost. 

*If you assemble your shakers in advance we suggest adding toppings to the smallest shapes first and the larger shapes last. We have provided enough toppings to fill each shape. If you would like your shapes fuller, feel free to add your own toppings as well. 

*If you assemble your cards in advance we suggest adding the epoxy dots as shown on the cover sheet. This will help ensure you have enough dots for all your cards and enough large dots for the flower centers.