Authorized Resellers

Queen & Co has been manufacturing our own products since 2003. Please read this important information regarding resellers of our product. 

The only website authorized to sell our product is: We have NO authorized resellers of our products on the internet. We no longer offer wholesale sales to any online retailers. The only online retailer of our product is Queen & Co, or

We design all of the contents of our kits - from scratch. Every die, stitch, pattern on paper, pantone color, and font selected is all from the creative mind of our head designer. Making "fakes" and "copies" of our kits nearly impossible. 
  • If a website other than is offering one of our kits online, it is not our kit. 
  • If a website is offering our kit for 50% off, it is not our kit.
  • If a website is offering a kit we have discontinued, it is not our kit.
  • No website has our kits to sell, except
There are currently several fake websites operating with our name, logo and stolen product pictures that have accepted money from customers and have shipped no product. We have battled for over 6 months to get these sites removed, without any success. We are working with an attorney to help get these sites closed. We do not want customers to lose money or have to go through the lengthy process of chargebacks or cancelling their credit card because they "purchased" from these sites. If you have purchased from one of these sites, we recommend you cancel your credit card immediately.

There are also fake products being offered through various Chinese websites and USA sellers offering our dies on Facebook marketplace as well as their own websites. Again, none of these items are Queen & Co products. Unauthorized sellers steal our photographs to sell these fake dies or kits. Dies received are traced using our photographs so product ends up being the wrong scale (either too large or too small). The stitching is often uneven and the shapes will not work with our shakers since the artwork was stolen from photos. 

The only authorized website to purchase Queen & Co product is If you have any questions regarding this, please contact us.