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Royal Rewards Redemption

Please make sure you have logged in to your Queen & Co account, otherwise your points will not be available. There are two ways to redeem rewards. 

Voucher Redemption
For Duchess level (and above) customers we offer vouchers for rewards redemption. You can continue to redeem points using vouchers. You will find the rewards available to you in your rewards panel under the GET REWARDS tab. Please note: You can not combine reward vouchers with any other discount. Vouchers can not be used with slider redemption. Vouchers are limited to $10 $15 and $20. 

Once you have selected your voucher amount the system will "cash in" your rewards and issue you a code.  Next step, copy your code and head for checkout. You will see a box during checkout to enter the code. See image below.


Option #2: Slider during Checkout - Princess & Above

Slider Rewards During Checkout 
Slider rewards are available for Princess tier and above. Desktop and mobile redemption is slightly different, instructions for both are below. 

Desktop Instructions
Please move through checkout as normal, on the final payment page you will now see a green slider that shows your total points. You can move the slider back and forth to select the amount of points you want to redeem. Value range is $1-$100. Below is a screen shot of the slider.  


Mobile Device Instructions
The redemption process using Mobile devices is slightly different. You still move through the checkout process as normal. When you reach the final payment page you will see "Show Order Summary" link at the top of the page. Screen shot below shows this circled in red. Click on that link. 

When you click that link a menu will drop down which will include the mobile points slider.