Pick a bushel or a bundle!

Pick a bushel or a bundle!

Hello there,
Kim here, with some more Fruit Basket Shaker Kit fun!
Today I have a whole bunch of cards to share that were created using the same Fruit Basket Shaker Kit ...yep, the same kit. I will show you just how versatile these clever kits from Queen & Company are, to create a variety of card styles, whatever your flavor :)  🍓 🍉 🍊 🍎 🍏 🍋 🍐

​You are probably thinking, lemons?? ​There isn't a lemon die in the kit! 
But wait...! Grab the strawberry...now turn it bottom side up...taa-daa, you have 'Le Lemon' 🍋

Cut some lemon shapes from ​yellow cardstock, ink the edges for dimension, add a few highlights...dress them with leaves & stalks & you have yourself a couple of zesty lemons. Now obviously the bottoms of the lemons will in essence, appear 'cut off', the way to overcome this is to cover them. I used a sentiment tab raised on foam adhesive & an adorable lemon slice filled with teeny lemon fimo pieces to do this. Don't you love how the twinkle drops make it good enough to eat!

Can I make a suggestion? Mix your fruit shapes for a fresh approach like I did with this card.​ 
By varying the heights of the elements, not only do get fabulous visual interest, but it also allows you to overlap bits, enabling more fruit to be included on one card. Ok, you are probably asking "Where do the small strawberries come from?". HA! I have a sneaky #crafthack to show you. I covered this process during this process video for Queen & Co but it is simple really. After die-cutting, take the inside strawberry piece...using a pair of sharp scissors, evenly trim away the outside of the ​shape; the more you trim, the smaller the strawberry. I did the same for the stalks, resizing them to fit the berries. I used this technique for both strawberries on this card; there is something so fresh about a cluster of fat, pink strawberries 🍓 to make anyone smile.  Do you see the shiny dots on the orange 🍊 slice? I did that by covering the pattern with dimension glaze, another easy way to add a little something special​ to your card without cluttering the design. ​
Now for something a little different. Can you see the 'leaves' on this card :D 
I used the leaf die to cut a variety of dotted & striped leaves, which I machine stitched to the mixed media background creating a cool, artsy vibe. The addition of lemon fimo pieces & pink rivets add texture & a flash of color. Now for the citrus accents 🍊 ​using the full orange slice I made x2 versions. I filled the flat slice with a variety of citrus colored cardstock segments​ & a 3D version cut from the pretty pink patterned paper from the 6x6 fruit basket paper pad, filled with a mixture of citrus fimo for some brights pops of color. So there you have it, same kit, very different results. 
​How about a little pear this time? 🍐
Gotta love the versatility of the strawberry die! Turn it around, add the leaf & stalk from the apple & you have a sweet juicy pear. Aren't the itsy bitsy pear fimo pieces the CUTEST ever?! I love how Queen & Co cleverly covered all bases with the coordinating stamp set by including punny sentiments for all the fruit varieties. It makes the possibilities for this kit endless. 

Ok, so how about another 'out of the box' card? 
For this one I experimented with the die, using it for something other than a die LOL. I used it as a template. Drawing around the shape with a watercolor pencil, adding shading & water resulted in this SUPER cool 'watercolor' orange slice 🍊 . Easey-peasy! Mixed with a half slice & a flat yellow full slice, placed on a bright pink watercolor card base & decorated with punchy black circles, zingy lemon fimo 🍋 & stitching, the resulting card is funky & suitable for your your trendiest friend. 
TRY THIS: Bundle sewing thread under an accent for added interest & color pop. 

"An apple a day"...makes you smile...but how about two?  🍎 🍏

For a more 'traditional card' I mixed x4 patterns from the 6x6 paper pad included in the kit, this made the perfect canvas for my sweet apple cluster. Here I mixed x2 foam piece techniques you are going to love! The green apple was made using the smaller foam piece covered in an inked apple slice, placed inside a green 'apple frame' for a reversed effect. Don't the x4 black twinkle drops make the apple look so realistic? The red apple was made in the traditional way, using x2 different red cardstock colors & filled with the most adorable miniature apple fimo bits. I raised it on 'extra' foam left overs for a fab dimension, this allowed me to cluster the apples, making them fit easily on the 4.25"x5.5" card base. Punched flowers, leaves & stalks are all that was needed to finish off these cuties.

Wow! talk about a lot of info haha!...I really hope you have enjoyed these ideas? Talking about ideas...if you have this fruity kit or are thinking about buying this kit, be sure to post your creations on the Queen & Co FB page, or hashtag #queenandcompany on Instagram, so we can appreciate your lovely creations <3

Have an awesome day further.
~ Kim