November 28, 2017

Morning!  Stacy Cohen here today!
We all know that the Queen & Co. Foam Front Cards are great for making ADORABLE shaker cards.  But these card fronts can be stretched even further by using both the positive AND the negative elements of the foam shapes on different cards.   Here’s an example of two cards I made using the Bubble Foam Front Card, which is part of the Black Friday Foam Front Card Bundle.
For the first card, I punched out the circles and set them aside.  (Tip:  When you punch out the foam pieces, put them in a safe/separate area of your workspace.  I forgot to do that and later had to tear apart everything on my scrap table trying to find all the foam circles, some of which were stuck to other things.)
I proceeded to make a shaker card embellished with buttons and rhinestones from the Black Friday Binder.  This little binder is filled with a plethora of awesome goodies and it’s a fantastic bargain!
I used a die-cut word sentiment from the new Black Friday Word Dies set 1.
I then took the foam circles I had punched out and covered them with patterned paper circles.  I added these foam circles along with some rhinestones to create a whimsical card.
Have a wonderful day!

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