Pet Fusion - Limited Edition

Our adorable new Dog and Cat Fusion toppings have a very special story behind their creation! Early February we received a heavy box at our new warehouse from our amazing designer Ginger. She typically sends us her handmade cards once or twice a year so I assumed it was a LOT of cards. When we opened the box we were simply blown away. Inside, we found a handmade card and oodles of new Dog and Cat fusions. The card explained that Ginger and her entire family had sourced and packaged sets of dog and cat fusions. Due to supply chain issues we have been struggling for months to get product in a timely manner! So, as a thank you to us Ginger scoured the country finding items that would work as toppings and embarked on the project to mix and package all these fusions!  This is why the pet fusions are limited edition and wont return in their original form. 

Words can not express the gratitude we felt when we received these, but here goes.. big thanks to Ginger, her husband and 3 children plus HER PARENTS!  We will donate all proceeds from the sale of these two items to the Humane Society so we pay this amazing act of kindness forward.