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Pumpkin Tags!

Pumpkin Tags! 0

It’s the Shake Pumpkin, Charley Brown. 
Who needs crazy carving knives when you have the Queen & Co. Tag Kit and Toppings? The circle tag makes a great pumpkin, just in time for patch season. 
I die cut several tags and used the center negative space from a few as flat background pumpkins. I then created shakers for the foreground gourds. Since the tops of pumpkins are often a light brown color, I wrapped the top of one of my die cut tags in twine to mimic the stem.
For the other, I trimmed a portion of the tag away and then adhered epoxy circles to create my stem.
For my page background, I created a DIY pumpkin using my watercolor paints, some twine, and and orange gel pen. I used a large lid as my stencil and went around it several times with my pen, moving the lid ever so slightly between each go ‘round. I then dry-brushed some orange paint onto the page. If you look closely, you’ll see I also framed the upper left and lower right corners of the pumpkin with blue paint. 
To give my flat background a little lift, I hand-stitched around the pumpkin using twine. 
I cut the stem from patterned paper and the leaf from felt. The vine is a little green yarn. 
This pic simply doesn’t do these sweet gems justice. Queen’s NAME accents are so shiny and pretty. They make any title more striking! 
Tag, you’re it! I hope you have a blast picking your pumpkins this fall and scrapbooking your adventures after the fact.
QUEEN & CO. SUPPLIES: Tag Shaker Kit, Donut (orange), Epoxy Dots (green), Iridescent Pearl (orange), Pastel Diamonds Toppings (orange, yellow), Petite Posies (orange), Pops Toppings (orange, pink), Skinny Minnie Checkers Washi Tape (green), and Stripe Washi Tape (yellow).
OTHER SUPPLIES: Cardstock, Letter Stickers, Twine: American Crafts; Photo/Journaling App: Project Life; Watercolor Paint: Close to My Heart; Adhesive: Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L; OTHER: Felt, yarn. 
We Fruit!

We Fruit! 0

Megan Hoeppner here today!
For as long as I’ve been old enough to drive to and from my favorite town in Colorado from my home in Utah, I’ve loved stopping at the roadside fruit stands. Some of the world’s best fruit happens to be on this trek—Green River watermelons, Palisade peaches, Olathe sweetcorn… it’s all so good! 
Now that I have kids, these, ahem, pitstops are all the sweeter. It’s such a treat watching them pick out and devour the fresh finds. Naturally, it meant a layout was in order. Especially when I saw this stinkin’ cute Fruit Stand Specialty Shaker Kit. 
For starters, I was super inspired by Amy Sheffer’s GORGEOUS card and the color work she did on her watermelon. 
I immediately knew I wanted to color me some fruit. lol So I set to cutting from watercolor paper. 
I then worked on my harvest. First, the watermelon. Inspired by Amy, I watercolor painted it. I didn’t make the rind a shaker, so I painted the paper beneath it as well. 
For the pear, I decided to dress up the foam shaker outline with the twine included in the kit. I ran out of twin just shy of completing the wrapping, so I finished off with some solid green. I wasn’t sure I was going to like it, but I do. It’s whimsical, almost like it has some shading. 
We bought some delicious plums on this last trip, so I painted the apple die purple and grew myself a plum. I also assembled a shaker orange with a patterned paper outer edge and a watercolored base layer. 
Finally, in this fruit line-up is the strawberry. I made it in a basic fashion, using patterned paper. I did add a few epoxy dots to give some glisten. 
Some of my fruit are shakers, others are not, but all are 3D, and I adore the texture and depth they add across the center of my page! 
Something we all devoured on this latest trip were the apricots. (And the plumcots. Have you heard of these? They’re a plum/apricot hybrid, and they’re yum! But I digress.) The apricot has kind of a heart shape to it, so I worked it into my title, using the strawberry die and light orange watercolor paint, framed with some die-cut orange paper. 
A little stamping filled in the open space by my cute girls—they really are the perfect pair! <3
Finally, I rounded this paper fruit stand off with a bitt fruit border across the top and bottom of the page. Yeah, it took several micro dots of glue, but it was totally worth it (because I was too lazy to fetch my liquid glue). 
I’m so taken with these shaker toppings. Since making my two layouts, I’ve already made a card for my sweetheart and have a second card for a friend under way. I’ll put what I get done on my blog in case you want to take a peek. I guess my layout says it best—I {heart} fruit! 
Cardstock: Bazzill Basics; Ink, Watercolor Paint, Water Brush: Close to My Heart; Pen: Sharpie; Sewing Machine: Brother; Adhesive: Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L; Other: Vintage twine 
Making Umbrellas our of Fruit!

Making Umbrellas our of Fruit! 0

Megan Hoeppner here.... When it comes to fruit, I consider myself a fruit loop. I love the stuff, including this sweeter-than-sweet Fruit Basket Specialty Shaker Kit. So I admittedly surprised myself when I used the fruit dies for something other than fruit. I couldn’t resist. As soon as I set eyes on the citrus die, I thought “umbrella.” 
With beach photos to scrap, I knew this kit was just the ticket. For the larger umbrella, I die cut and positioned three fruit wedge outlines together to form the basic umbrella frame.
I then adhered the inner part of the wedges using foam adhesive for some added pop. A little pen outlining and distressing done with my fingernail gave the umbrella a bit more character, while a strip of paper and an epoxy dot worked to complete this shady scene. 
For the smaller umbrella, I adhered one of the foam pieces to the yellow paper in the 6 x 6 pad to create the base layer.
For the outer frame, I die cut a fruit slice from pink paper and trimmed away the fruit segments. 
Before adhering the top layer and clear shaker piece, I die cut another fruit slice from orange and used two of the triangles to give my umbrella a bit more character. 
Time for fruit shaker bits, because… well… because any project is more fun with a little shake, rattle and roll! Especially when the shaker contents are these DANG CUTE fruit pieces! With the pieces all in place, I sealed it all in using a plastic shaker top and my trimmed pink top layer. Oh, and a little lemon added a charming finishing touch to this bitty ‘brella! 
What beach scene is complete without a little fruit-garnished drink. I doodled the glasses and used watercolor paint to make these refreshers. The bitty fruit in this Queen kit was the perfect finishing touch! 
For the palm tree, I used the stem and leaf dies in the kit. I cut several leaves from the green paper in the pad and then trimmed fringe to give the leaves more of a palm feel. 
I added some paint and pen sketching inside the hollow “stems” making up the tree’s trunk. Wanting to give the tree a bit more texture, epoxy dots came to the rescue. We’ll just say these little green goodies are coconuts that have yet to ripen. ;) 
My final finishing touches include some watercolor streaks across the top for a sky effect and a watercolored title on a shipping tag, along with a few small letter stickers. 
I don’t know about you, but this page makes me wish we were back at the beach, fruity drink in hand, soaking up what’s left of our summer sun. I hope you final few weeks of summer are happy ones. Speaking of happy, if you’re looking for something happy to do this fall, I’d love for you to join me at Queen for a Day Tulsa. I’m thrilled to be teaching a class and hosting a make-and-take at this fun-filled paper party on Saturday, Sept. 9. Hope to see you there! <3 
Megan Hoeppner
Supplies Used
All supplies from the Fruit Basket Specialty Shaker Kit except those noted below:
Cardstock: American Crafts; Watercolor Paint, Water Brush: Close to My Heart; Letter Stickers; Webster’s Pages; Shipping Tag: Office Max; Sewing Machine: Brother; Pen: Sakura; Adhesive: Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L
Boom Shakalaka!

Boom Shakalaka! 0

RED, WHITE & YOU - Giveaway!!!

RED, WHITE & YOU - Giveaway!!! 418

Happy 4th of July! 

Today we are having our own explosion of fireworks here on the blog.  Loads of inspiration and a chance to win one of our awesome Trunks filled with all kinds of goodies. To be eligible for the grand prize (see below), leave a comment on this post.  For an addition entry, PIN the above collage image to Pinterest.  Drawing will be held July 5th.

One more thing!!!  Every order between now and the 4th will receive a random assortment from the fun Red, White and Blue grouping below.  

So, lets start with some incredible inspiration, shall we?  
Amy Sheffer has created a couple cards for us to celebrate this big day!

Stars & Stripes Forever

That American flag shaker element is actually the cake from the Birthday Shaped Shaker set! 
She trimmed down a white cake die-cut to a rectangle, filled the foam shaker with Red Diamond Toppings, and then added a small square covered in Blue Star Washi Tape. Then added a lollipop stick for the flag pole and topped it with some blue striped twine. 
Tip: The star sequins are more turquoise in color. To change them to a deep, royal blue, I colored over them with a dark blue Copic marker.
Home of the Free Because of the Brave
Amy created a fireworks display using a combination of stamped starburst images and red, white, and blue Pinwheels and Petite Posies. 
Susan Weinroth also played along with our Red White and blue theme with a stunning layout. She used her favorite photo from last year's celebration.  Her beach club puts up tons and tons of flags every 4th, and it's one of her very favorite annual photos of her boys -- She loves to take a shot of them in front of what they call "the giant flag"!!!

Instead of creating a shaker box with the Pop Up Stars, She simply layered them and added bubbles and rhinestone stars and stripes of Glitter Washi.

Supplies: Cardstock, Pop Up Dies - 4 Stars, Lines Glitter Tape Blue, Lines Glitter Tape Silver, Bubbles Clear

Megan Hoeppner has some fabulous fun cards to share as well!
In the US, July  means fireworks and bonfires and parades and BINGO at the town armory. It also means it's her sister-in-law’s birthday. She’s a yankee doodle dandy, born on the Fourth of July. A fireworks card seems in order.

She used various Queen toppings and liquid dimensional adhesive to create fireworks. 

It wouldn’t be a Fourth-themed post without a little red, white, and blue. 
She took the same taped approach here.  Whether you’re thanking a soldier, their family for their service or a party hostess this fourth, these cards are a quick solution to try. Hooray for washi. It’s the supply that stretches and makes crafting easy. Have fun!
Supplies Used: Glitter Washi Tape, Diamond Toppings, Sprinkle Toppings, Bitty Bead Toppings, Orange Epoxy Dots, Green Epoxy Dots, Pink Epoxy Dots

Don't forget to comment below for a chance at the Trunk grand prize, and PIN the collage photo (at the very top of the post) for an additional entry.

May your weekend be filled with family, friends, and crafty time!

Mary-Ann Maldonado
No scrap left behind! - Pretty Presents Shaker Kit

No scrap left behind! - Pretty Presents Shaker Kit 2

If there’s one thing kids can’t seem to get enough of about birthday parties, it’s the presents! So when I sat down to scrapbook my daughter’s 5th birthday party, I knew gifts were in order. Okay, so it didn’t hurt that I was also working with Queen & Co.’s cute Pretty Presents Shaker Kit. Happiness! 
To create this page, I started by creating a photo collage of images I wanted to include using the Project Life app on my phone. This way, I was able to print a bunch of bitty images on a single 4x6 sheet of photo paper. Well, two sheets, if I’m getting technical.
As luck would have it, the photos sized to just smaller than the largest present die in this kit, giving me an awesome matting idea. 
No Scraps Left Behind! 
As luck would have it, my daughter was watching Trolls as I crafted. A popular line from this flick: No Troll left behind! Seems so fitting here. No scrap left behind! The hoarder in me who doesn’t throw anything away LOVES the challenge of putting each and every aspect of the diecut image to use. 
Left over circles?
Looks like balloons to me!
Left over half circles? A scalloped border in the making! 
Leftover… random pieces? Use them to piece together a present accent. 
In this case, I used the center of my foam as the foundation of the gift, added paper, and layered on those leftovers.
Wanting to add a few words to the page, I trimmed the center out of an extra diecut present. Layered over grid paper, I had a journaling card that goes well with the overall page design. 
The rest of that particular piece was put to use in the intended way, as a shaker gift on the page. 
This kit is so bright and happy that a white background seemed in order, especially with the energy all of the gifts add. But I didn’t want to go end to end without a little added definition somewhere, so I layered some scraps of paper to the rest of my white cardstock piece, added some foam squares, and made a base layer for the page. 
Finally, for the ‘mingo (my five-year-old’s way of saying flaming), I punched three scallopped ovals from the pink pattern in the 6x6 pad, stacked them together, machine stitched down the center, and fluffed the pieces up to create a body. 
I just drew the head (thinking of the #2 shape) and legs (thinking of a #4 shape) and added a bow in her hair, because she’s so fancy! 
When it comes to using a bunch of photos on a single 12x12 page, grid designs are where it’s at! I love that I can cram those pics in without the page getting too congested. 
And I’m all about subtle tricks that keep a page from feeling too flat. This present die is perfect for that purpose, because the bows pop off the page. 
I hope you’ve unwrapped an idea or two with this post. Happy summer, friends!
Megan Hoeppner
Queen & Co. Supplies Used
Patterned paper, bows, shaker kit, and die: Pretty Presents Shaker Kit 
Other Supplies Used
Cardstock: Bazzill Basics; Letter Stickers: Pink Paislee; Punch: Stampin’ Up!; Adhesive: Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L